Dan Reed Releases The Third Lyric Video, Trailing His Cosmic New Solo Album

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The launch of Dan Reed’s fifth solo album is approaching apace. The countdown is ticking. Liftoff is a supremely chilled-out collection of 11 tracks: all have been crafted and arranged to fit together in harmony as a whole-album experience. Liftoff will be released on Zero One Entertainment’s label and distributed through Townsend Records, shipping and becoming available on all streaming and download platforms from 4th December, 2020.

To pave the way to Liftoff’s launch, Dan is releasing 4 specially-made lyric videos, all of extremely high quality with extraordinary, hi-tech — even psychedelic — visuals that bedazzle viewers, whilst the music works its sublime, chillout magic and the lyrics give the mind a chance to take in Dan’s thought-provoking and eloquent lyrics.

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The music for Shed My Skin started off as an instrumental composition by Richard Hilton (keyboardist and music director for CHIC), with whom Dan worked on Dan Reed Network’s SLAM in 1989, while working with Nile Rodgers in New York (with whom he has remained friends with ever since). Reed then developed the track adding a chordal structure, electric and acoustic guitars, and finally composing lyrics.

Dan Reed explains, “The song addresses the idea of how imperative it can be to redefine, reinvent, or adapt oneself to what life throws in our path, or oftentimes the barriers we ourselves put in front of us.

The lyric video is all about the human race’s current fascination with developing robotics to replace human labor, and will in all likelihood replace men and women on the battlefield even more that what current drone programs do... meaning countries with the most resources to fund and develop robot armed forces will dominate countries who may have brave and courageous warriors with a legitimate grievance but stand no hope in fighting for justice in the face of superior technology wielded by a nation with nothing more than great wealth.

The question remains that if all human suffering is removed from labor and war, what will be our reasoning for stopping aggression? Is it not the pain of war that deters us from waging it? Is it not human labor that gives us a sense of purpose and pride? It’s a Pandora’s box that is now impossible to close, yet hopefully we will navigate this uncharted territory wisely. However, if history has proven anything, there will most likely be a long, destructive period — both physically and spiritually — before we find balance in living beside our robotic helpmates and companions.

On a deeper level I often wonder if technology is a reflection of human ingenuity, or are we a reflection of a long-forgotten technology simply revealing itself to us once again? Only time will tell…

Check out the lyric video for Shed My Skin below:-

Much to think about, as Artificial Intelligence gathers momentum and impacts on the world, in many ways. What was once science fiction may yet become reality. In the here and now, check out Dan’s very human creativity in this collaboration with Richard Hilton, and the extraordinary visualisations in the video.

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Photo Credit (Phil Honley)

Remember to check Dan Reed’s website for further details, where you can pre-order this excellent album, and watch for the fourth video heralding this cosmic, mind-blowing album.

PRE-ORDER LINK - https://danreed.tmstor.es/

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