Geoff Carne & The Raw Rox Band Release New Album 'Big Town'

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Following a number of years outside the genre vocal/guitarist Geoff Carne returned to his blues driven British Rock roots having been raised on the likes of Free/Bad Co. and early Whitesnake. He released his solo album One to One in 2014 and soon after he linked up once again with drummer Mick Hatz to form the live and recording outfit. Geoff and Mick had played together way back in the late 8o’s/early 90’s. Geoff Carne & the Hatz released their album Get Close in 2016 along with various E.P.s/singles up along with the Live at Superfly YouTube specials including their take on the Kate Bush classic Babooshka. A final classy single Caught on the Outside was released just prior to Mick Hatz announcing his retirement in February of 2020.

Geoff having played a number of solo acoustic shows over the years, set out with new material releasing three Acoustica E.P.s parts 1-3 from February to April 2020 and potential tour.To bring the acoustic versions to life Geoff’s producer Paul Mex reached out his past industry contacts handing the songs to the Raw Rox Band. The Raw Rox Band members are a collection of experienced session musicians all of whom were residential in London’s once thriving studios for likes of the Island, Jive and EMI record companies.

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The Big Town album is a ten-song collective and song 2 off the album Hold On is the video promo which has now been released and can be viewed below.

The Raw Rox Band are Jim Black (Bass Guitar),  Zoki Jovanoski (Drums), Bob Calvert (Keyboards) and Arby ‘Slash’ Rockman (Lead Guitar)

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